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Misleading Wrong Intentions

The non-stop battles between rappers with so-called success to be so mad. The entertainment business has turned into an all out war for status of fame. Music was meant to help the people relate to get through a day, not to mislead others into a world of destruction.

As the new upcoming generation approaches the music industry it gets more violent, depression, and no fun. Completion has become at all an all-time high no one wants to be unique anymore it’s an all out battle over the wrong things. Money, Drugs, Cars, Clothes, & Whores, seems to be the main focus of rappers today. Instead of rappers being artist of their own business, friends, and family there are more concerned about who is the best and who has the most.

This type of behavior creating an ongoing battle not just between the rapper, but also toward their fans and new arrivals of the music industry. Beef seems to get the most attention now day’s while great positive rapper’s take the back burner with some of the greatest content not giving a fair chance. The music industry has become a menace to the black communities birthing victims in its intention to mislead. Now you have regular people going out the way to become famous doing any and everything for the views to gain celebrity status.

What happened to the normal life where people go to work and make a decent living for their families? Right! The price and demand of fame has changed the outlook on normal life. There is nothing wrong with not being seen, living comfortable, and not being rich. Rappers have become a drug of an addiction on other people direction of a good life.

Where there’s lease worries of looking over your shoulders every day of being robbed nor ducking exaggerated fans. Since Covid-19 artist have been going live more often on social media accounts misleading the youth trying to stay active to their fans to make money from Instagram and YouTube views doing all the wrong things.

Not saying before Covid-19 rappers didn’t mislead and beef over fame and money, all to say it has gotten worst. Think again if you think rappers are happy and living the good life, while the whole time there are miserable lost souls.