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Guns Violence Taking Rights Away Unpowered.

Well… With things being out of control released the untainted of the beast. Enforcing the rather it be you than me attitude for what? You’re trying to see… Oh, embracing the power to the “T” to unpower the battery of what? Figure of speech & living …

Right… You better watch the way you move, because bitch I’ll kill you if you unpolished my shoe… (Powwow)
you “BLACK” son of a “BITCH”.
Who? There my mother? OR my father due to enforced laws you made him your “Bitch” No Hoe Mo No Hoe Mo Hahaha. NOW That I think about it, why you on me so close!? Taking what for what Officer did I harm you? Are do I look like someone you want to abuse too.

Abraham Lincoln freed “the” slaves of the mind but still founded away to keep a grip on to their behinds…
Even 400 years plus later still by law is law to investigate a human personal space.

Notice This License Has No Race.

Officer: I got a disturbance call report for this area for Gun Violence!
Victim: Hold on you said I look like whom?
Officer: The black guy!
Victim: Can you give a forward description?
Officer: What are you doing boy!?
Victim: Boy…!?
Officer: Get over here/there! Don’t move!
Victim: What’s going on? Am I in your way or the wrong side of the road?

The Power Of That Woman Is Mind Blowing

People have their rights taken away secondly, minutely, hourly, daily, nighty, monthly, & yearly.
What type of “Power” being enforced upon the people on God’s land? The children of the land who originally give life the “T”.?
No quit playing you putting that Gun, and those drugs on me.

Don’t matter how bad police treat people they still expect for a victim to D.I.A.L 911, when their life the one is in DANGER? Police!

P.S. Don’t nobody deserve a beating like Rodney King.